FDL County DA Eric Toney Runs For Reelection

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says he’s gained some valuable experience in his last 3 ½ years as district attorney. He’s running for reelection and is unopposed. Toney says he has tried a number of homicide cases since being elected district attorney. He says that’s included vehicular, reckless homicides, and intentional homicides. He says some have closed and some are pending. When he ran four years ago he made doing something about the drug problems in the community a priority. He says people have a lot more knowledge about the problem because of community educational efforts. He says if he’s reelected he’d like to work on efficiencies in the court. He says it someone has multiple open criminal cases it would be more efficient to assign the same judge to them. Toney says his office has done good work and it is because of the great people in his office and excellent law enforcement.

KFIZ Interview with Eric Toney