FDL County Emergency Management Continues Work on Improvements to Severe Weather Alert System

Fond du Lac County Emergency Management continues their
work on making improvements to their severe weather alert system. The system is
responsible for sounding the tornado sirens in event of a warning in Fond du
Lac County. In the current system, sirens are sounded across the county, even
if a warning is issued for a small area. County Communications and Emergency
Management Director Bobbi Hicken explains that the new system will allow the
sirens to only be activated in the area that’s impacted by the warning. She
says the new system has taken a long time to implement and test, and until it’s
ready to go – people should still make sure to pay attention any time they hear
the tornado siren go off in the county. “The important thing is to check your
phone, check the TV, the radio station,” Hicken said. “If there’s nothing going
on, great, continue on with what you are doing, but it’s just a reminder to
make sure that you know what is going on, know what is happening with that
weather, because it could still impact you in the future.” She adds that any anomalies
or changes to their weekly tests of the sirens – which are conducted at Noon on
Saturdays – will be announced on their Facebook page.