FDL County Emergency Management Sponsoring Volunteers

Fond du Lac County Emergency Management in coordination with Wisconsin Emergency Management is sponsoring two volunteers for the ReadyWisconsin AmeriCorps Disaster Preparedness Project. The preparedness project aims to increase community emergency readiness by delivering preparedness training to civic groups, organizations and businesses through trained AmeriCorps staff.  Additionally they will recruit local volunteers to support emergency readiness and preparedness for the future as the need arises.  AmeriCorps staff earns an educational awarded grant upon completion and earn a modest living allowance during the project duration as terms of service. Gabrielle Petersen and Thomas Jefferson are actively working on preparedness goals within Fond du Lac County and in conjunction with local and state level Emergency Management Offices. Staff will be out meeting with local civic groups, businesses and volunteer organizations throughout Fond du Lac County. The project began in December 2013 and will run through August 2014.