FDL County Equalized Value Increases By Three Percent

Homes, buildings and land in Fond du Lac County are starting to see an increase in their value. That’s reflected in the latest report by the State’s Department of Revenue on equalized values. Overall the equalized value of property in the County is $7.4 billion; an increase of 3 percent or more than $221 million over 2016. County Executive Al Buechel says it is the biggest increase in about 10 years for the County. He says in 2009, 2010 and 2011 the County actually had decreases. He says the County is starting to turn around and it is an improvement. He says new construction accounted for 1.51 percent of the increase, which is better than the 1.22 percent increase in new construction last year. Buechel says that can be attributed to manufacturing expansion and new home construction. He says projects by Mercury Marine and Alliant Laundry Systems have contributed to that number. He says the increase in values may have a small impact on property taxes this December. He says it is a one percent impact, but he wouldn’t promise anyone’s bill will go down by that amount.

FDL County Equalized Value Report