FDL County Executive Discusses Proposed 2020 County Budget

Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel presented the
County Budget to the board of supervisors this week. The budget presented is
for $136 million, and includes an operating levy of $513-thousand. The 2020
spending plan features a $1.5 million levy increase over the 2019 budget, from
$44.4 million this year to $45.8 million for next year. Meanwhile, the tax rate
would decrease about six cents per thousand dollars of value on a property to

Buechel tells us there were some challenges as always in preparing
the 2020 budget, but they got some help thanks to several big county departments
not requiring a levy increase in the new year. “Harbor Haven does not require
any property tax levy, Social Services got a big increase in child welfare
payments – that revenue went up so we can minimize the increase there,” Buechel
said. “Highway has enough revenue from doing work on different projects that
they didn’t require a levy increase and the Department of Community Programs
didn’t require a levy increase – so that really helped a lot.” Buechel explained
that health insurance premiums for employees increased two-percent to $210,000
for 2020, which takes up a big amount of the $513,000 operating levy.

Next, the County Finance Committee will be going through
the budget on Monday and Tuesday next week, with a public hearing on the budget
will to follow on October 29th. The Budget will be presented again
to the County Board in early November, before going to the County Executive for
his signature.

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