FDL County Executive On UW FDL Housing We Need To Get This Built

Time has run out for the developer of student housing at the UW-Fond du Lac campus. Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel says they have issued a second request for proposals with the hopes that it can be completed by August of 2016. He says their current developer can’t pull together things fast enough. Developers including the current developer can submit a proposal. Bluffstone had designed an 84-bed facility, which would have been called The Villas but ran into delays. Buechel says it won’t cost the county or the university anything; the entire cost of the housing will fall on the developer. Buechel says the main thing will be to meet timelines for the project. He says the agreements have been amended and if timelines aren’t met the developer will automatically be in default. Information on the request for proposal is available at the UW-Fond du Lac website. Full proposals have to be submitted by August 7th. 

Facebook video with KFIZ’s Bob Nelson interviewing Al Buechel.