FDL County Executive Vetoes Increase In Pay For County Executive

For the third time in his nearly 24 years as Fond du Lac County Executive, Al Buechel has vetoed a resolution passed by the County Board. In particular this had to do with increasing the County Executive’s salary over the next four years. Some supervisors objected to giving the County Executive a 1 percent raise the first two years of a four-year term in office when County employees themselves might not be getting an increase. Buechel agrees with those supervisors. He says he doesn’t fault the board for passing the resolution, but says they are right it may be difficult to find money in the next few budgets for raises including his if he’s reelected. He says he would prefer to see the County Executive get no increase in pay in 2017 and a half a percent raise in 2018. Buechel says it is tough to balance a budget without trimming services. He says coming up with money for raises is difficult. It will take a two-thirds vote of County supervisors to override the veto when they hold their next meeting on October 18th.