FDL County Executives Veto Stands

With his annual County Budget address Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel took the starch out of any ideas county supervisors may have had about overriding his veto of an increase in pay for the County Executive. Buechel told supervisors the budget would only allow for a .75 percent increase in pay for county employees in 2017. County Supervisor Sam Kaufman commended Buechel for the example he set by vetoing the resolution. Supervisors voted 24 to 1 against passing the resolution and overriding Buechel’s veto. County Supervisor Gary Will was the lone supervisor to vote in favor of the pay increase for the County Executive. Buechel had recommended no increase for the County Executive next year and a half percent increase in 2018. The Finance Committee will consider a new resolution for setting pay for the County Executive for a four-year term of office.