FDL County Flu Clinics Underway

The Fond du Lac County Health Department has begun its flu vaccinations clinics. Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says anyone who wants the flu vaccine is welcome at their clinics or to get one at the health department. He says it’s for anyone 6 months or older. The shots cost $30 depending on your insurance source.  She says even if you do get the vaccine and then get the flu the symptoms will be lessened considerably. She says it affords protection against two types of Influenza A and two types of Influenza B. Mueller says if you’re health and under the age of 50 you could opt to get the nasal flu mist instead of a shot. There will be a flu clinic at the Salem United Methodist Church in Eldorado this afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. A complete list is available at the Health Department’s webpage on the County’s website