FDL County Health Officer Answers FAQ’s

When crisis occurs, it’s only natural that there are usually more questions than there are answers. In an effort to answer as many of the questions as possible, FDL County Health Officer Kim Mueller took to Facebook this week to try and answer as many of the questions as she could. Mueller says there are a number of questions that get asked frequently, including:

1.) HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE CLOSE CONTACT: Close contact is described as anyone that is within six feet and for 10 minutes or longer, of someone who is carrying the coronavirus. 

2.) WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE: If someone is being told they need to isolate, it’s because they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever/cough/shortness of breath or MAY have been in contact with someone who had the virus. Quarantine is described as somebody who does NOT have the symptoms, but they are monitoring themselves to see if the symptoms show up. 

We will continue to highlight more questions. You can also see the video by checking out the FDL County Health Departments’ Facebook video.