FDL County Health Officer Discusses Vaping, E-Cigarette Use

Health officials across Wisconsin and the United States continue
to investigate how vaping and e-cigarette use has caused hundreds of people
across the country to develop severe lung disease. In Wisconsin, the Department
of Health Services says they are aware of 35 cases of lung disease linked to
vaping, with another 20 patients whose cases need further investigation. Fond
du Lac County Public Health Officer says the message right now is simple for
those who vape or use e-cigarettes. “I want people to stop using them
altogether,” Mueller said. “There’s not enough information, the CDC is saying
stop the use, we need to figure out what is causing people to get so sick where
they’re passing away.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says
nearly 400 people have been sickened across the nation, with seven deaths
linked to vaping-related illnesses so far. The majority of patients in
Wisconsin have reported using vaping devices to inhale products containing THC,
which is the active ingredient in Marijuana. Mueller adds that until more is
known about what’s causing the illnesses, “we need to really be careful of what
we’re putting into our body and how our body is going to react to that.”

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department ofHealth Services site.