FDL County Highway Garage

Fond du Lac County is proceeding with the design for a new highway garage on Hickory Street south of Highway 151 in Fond du Lac. County Highway Commissioner Tom Janke says the local engineering and architectural firm Excel Engineering is moving forward with the design. He says, “I think the goal right now is to get this thing going. Construction to start hopefully late summer, early fall and get moving on it.   It is going to be a huge project. Definitely something that is well needed if anybody has visited our current facility will definitely see the reason for it and the need for it.” Their current facility on Dixie Street was originally built in the 1920’s. Janke says it is getting tough to fit the equipment they use today through the front door. That building will be sold when the new garage is ready. He says, “The main building and everything will be sold off is the goal. The building was built, the original building built in the 1920’s and it is still well maintained and serves a function or could serve a function for the right buyer.” Janke says they are reviewing schematics for the building and have one design that they think will serve as the footprint for the new highway garage.