FDL County Jail Provides Inmates Mental Health Counseling

Officials at the Fond du Lac County Jail have seen a shift over the years when it comes to providing mental health care for inmates. Jail Health Coordinator Julie Treiber says they used to outsource that care, but now do it in-house. She says, “Years before we would have to transport people out to see psychiatrists and counselors and such so now we have it in house. How rapidly did it change? I think it just changed gradually over the years to become now to the point where we could even use more mental health hours.” Jennifer Watjen is a mental health counselor at the jail. She works 30 hours a week, but sees about 170 clients a month. She says inmates deal with a number of mental health issues. She says, “There’s a range. We have a range from serious mental health and psychosis to just adjustment issues, adjusting to being incarcerated for the first time. To serious self-harm, self-injuries behavior. So just a large mix of everything.” Jail Administrator Captain Kevin Galske says they try to make sure inmates leaving the jail continue to get the care they need.  He says if they don’t it’s likely those inmates will be coming back to the jail.