FDL County Judge Extends TRO Against Sex Offender Placement

Fond du Lac County Judge Richard Nuss Monday evening granted an extension of a temporary restraining order against the placement of a Washington County violent sex offender at a residence on Nitschke Road. County Corporation Counsel Meggin McNamara argued for the TRO while Dennis Schuh argued on behalf of the State’s Department of Health Services against it. Last Thursday Washington County Judge Andrew Gongring had suspended a placement order for 61-year-old Terry Olson at the Nitschke Road address until three properties in Washington County initially considered could be evaluated again. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink did his own investigation through Freedom of Information and learned that Judge Gonring may not have received all the information he should have in making the initial placement decision. McNamara echoed those concerns during Monday’s hearing. McNamara says it also appears even though the DHS says when the three sites in Washington County were rejected they did a statewide search, they focused in on the Nitschke Road site despite the Sheriff and the Department of Corrections recommending against it. Judge Nuss commended Sheriff Fink for taking the initiative and said the Sheriff shouldn’t have had to “play Columbo” on this.