FDL County Judge to Hear Arguments on Status of Former Holy Nativity Convent

A Fond du Lac County Judge will hear arguments today
after an appeal was filed by the owner of the former Sisters of the Holy
Nativity Convent in Fond du Lac to prevent the building from being torn down.

Last month, Judge Robert Wirtz lifted a temporary restraining
order filed by the building’s owner against the city, clearing the way for the
demolition process to begin. The city had hired a company in August of last
year to begin demolition, but the convent’s owner, George Panousis, filed the
restraining order to prevent the city from moving forward. Wirtz moved to lift
the restraining order November 20th, with Panousis filing an appeal
last week.  

The city had issued a “Raze or Repair” order in 2015
after an arson fire in June of that year caused severe damage to the structure
on Division Street. The city argues that there has been little to no effort to
repair the damage done to the building and that the vacant structure poses a
risk to the community.