FDL County Jury Finds Man Guilty Of Killing Infant

A Fond du Lac County jury deliberated into the night Friday finding a 30-year-old Bellwood, Illinois man guilty of killing a 14-month-old boy and of severely injuring his twin brother. Daniel Griffin was found guilty of 1st degree reckless homicide and two counts of child abuse-intentionally causing great harm. During his closing arguments District Attorney Eric Toney said Griffin had been going with the children’s mother four months and was getting tired of playing Dad and changing diapers. Toney said Griffin was upset about the two infants fussing and making noise and found a way to make one of them quiet forever. Griffin’s lawyer, William Mayer, said the District Attorney wanted the jury to find Griffin guilty by innuendo and a large dose of jail house liar. The trial featured the testimony of one of Griffin’s cellmates in the Dodge County Jail. Angel Luciano. Judge Dale English ordered a pre-sentence investigation. The incident happened at an apartment in the 800 block of Martin Avenue in July of last year. The infant’s mother, Airrealle Smart, is also charged and goes to trial in November.