FDL County Levels Off, State Sees 528 New Cases Of COVID-19 As Testing Ramps Up

The COVID-19 numbers for Fond du Lac County are showing some welcoming results,
as the county reported its 2nd day of zero percent positive cases in the last 3
days. Confirmed cases stand at 146, with 51 active cases, 92 recovered cases
and 6 people currently hospitalized. 

also climbed to
3,053 in negative tests. It’s interesting to note while COVID-19 has been mostly viewed as a virus
affecting older demographics, in Fond
du Lac

the 70+ age group has only seen 13 confirmed cases, making up roughly 9% of the total confirmed case count. 

The consensus across the
state, relative to COVID-19, has been to focus on more tests each day, and more
labs able to process those tests. Currently there are fifty three labs with a daily capacity of over 14,000. The stated goal released this week was to
reach 85,000 tests per week, and one can only assume that as the weekly testing
numbers increase, we may 
see some higher numbers showing up as well in the short term. 

Thus was
the case Wednesday, with 528 new positive cases reported in Wisconsin. That’s substantially higher than
the 7-day average of 359. The 8% daily positive test return, compared to the past
daily averages, is also one of the highest in the past 2 weeks. That compares
to a daily positive return rate on May 8 of 8.1%, 8% on May 10 and 8.3% on May
16. As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 154,300 negative tests, along with 13,413
positive tests, and now 481 deaths. Males still make up the majority of the
deaths, at 58% vs. just 42% for females.