FDL County Losing The Battle In Job Commuting

More than half of Fond du Lac County’s workforce live in the County, but are working outside of it. The Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation released statistics and analysis Wednesday that show that the County’s workforce in 2014 was 56,900 people. Of that 28,900 live in the County, but work outside of it. Another 20,800 live outside the County, but work in Fond du Lac County. FCEDC President Steve Jenkins says, “We need to work harder at attracting the workforce commuting outside the County to jobs in the County that meet or exceed their current pay scales. Each day we are losing valuable workforce assets to other places. We must also determine if those living in another County but working here can be attracted to live and work here.” The neighboring County benefitting most from those commuting from Fond du Lac County was Dodge County. A total of 4,780 people living in Fond du Lac County are commuting to jobs in Dodge County. Meanwhile 1,906 people living in Dodge County commute to jobs in Fond du Lac County.