FDL County Parks Director on ATV/UTV Use

ATV use has been a topic of conversation in the county
this week, with a public hearing being held Wednesday on expanding ATV and UTV
use during the winter on the Wild Goose State Trail. While that possibility is still
being discussed, county officials are reminding ATV/UTV users that taking their
equipment out to county parks and onto county trails any other time of the year
is against the rules.

Fond du Lac County Director of Planning and Parks Sam
Tobias says one of the places he noticed recently that rule had been broken was
at Hobbs Woods. “I was disappointed to see deep ATV or UTV tracks along a
couple of our main trails,” Tobias said. “Somebody had gone through after some
extremely wet weather and made some deep, muddy tracks and those have set into
the ground.” Tobias says that what people don’t realize is it takes a lot of
labor and time to clean something like that up. He adds that its not legal to
ATV on any of the county’s trails in the Spring, Summer or Fall – and that the
only trail that currently allows winter ATV use is the Eisenbahn State Trail –
which runs south of Eden.