FDL County Project Could Resolve Road Rights Dispute

Fond du Lac County officials are hoping to end a dispute over land rights that crops up during the ice fishing season on Lake Winnebago every winter. The County Board this week approved allowing officials to apply for a DNR Grant, which would be used to complete title reports and land surveying for the project. County Planning and Parks Director Sam Tobias says the dispute is over public lake access between Highway 45 and the west shore of Lake Winnebago at Subway Road, Kinker Road and Cemetery Road. He says people want to have as many access points as possible to get out on the ice, but there has been some friction. He says people living on the Town of Friendship road segments dispute just where the public road rights of way start and end. It is hoped the project will clarify public and private ownership of lands in the area of the three road segments. The County Parks Budget includes $3,900 for the project, but it is hoped DNR grant monies will pay for half of the cost.