FDL County Recognizes Dr Post

For nearly 30 years, Warren Post, MD, a board-certified pediatrician, has provided his input into public health issues in Fond du Lac County.

As one of several advisors to the Fond du Lac County Health department, Dr. Post has weighed in on many important health concerns, appreciating the opportunity to impact the overall wellness of those individuals he has served since 1982 when he first joined the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic.

His expertise and dedication were recognized in December by the Fond du Lac County Board through a proclamation presented by Martin Farrell, Fond du Lac County Board chair, and Allen Buechel, Fond du Lac County executive.

Dr. Post has worked as a health advisor to the Fond du Lac County Health department, which assesses public health needs and advocates for reasonable and necessary public health services, and develops policy and provides leadership that fosters local involvement and commitment, emphasizing public health needs.

The proclamation recognizes Dr. Post’s work to advocate population health measures, such as community fluoridation and smoke-free policies. He has also strongly supported programs to improve vaccination rates for children and adults.

Dr. Post was also instrumental in developing a coordinated community response to such public health emergencies as Fond du Lac County’s pertussis epidemic in 2003, a confirmed human rabies cases in 2005 and H1N1 in 2009.

When Dr. Post first started as an advisor, he worked with Diane Cappozzo, who has since retired from the Fond du Lac County Health department.

“We have a wonderful situation in Fond du Lac County to have effective and unassuming leaders within the Fond du La County Health department,” says Dr. Post. “Working with Diane was a blessing as she just got the job done and had a good relationship with the county administration. Being a part of this whole community has been so positive for me; and that’s what I will remember.”

Dr. Post also notes the strong leadership of Marian Sheridan, Fond du Lac School District coordinator of School Health & Safety Programs, to whom he also provides consultation. “She is a proven and effective public health leader, and has a strong pro-child role in this community.”

In return, many will remember the strong role that Dr. Post has played.

“Dr. Post’s leadership has been essential in addressing health challenges not only for his patients but for the schools and in the community,” says Sheridan. “He has inspired, educated and promoted policies that have improved the health of children and families. We are so grateful for Dr. Post’s expertise and dedication on the Fond du Lac School District Medical Advisory. He has been a true servant leader to the children, families and to our community.”

Kim Mueller, RN, MSN, Fond du Lac County Health Department health officer, has appreciated her time with Dr. Post. “He will be remembered for going above and beyond for public health in so many fields. He will especially be remembered for his role in the Fond du Lac rabies case, tobacco prevention and childhood vaccinations.”

“Dr. Post has been an advocate for public health and a pioneer in the support of population based health by sharing his time and expertise as a member of the Board of Health for Fond du Lac County and as medical director to the County Health Department,” according to Kayla Ericksen, Agnesian HealthCare infection preventionist.

As Dr. Post retired from Agnesian HealthCare on January 1 he looked back with many fond memories. “Fond du Lac has been a great place to raise a family,” he reflects. “I am proud to be a part of this clinic and the doctors that I work with. Agnesian HealthCare has been very community minded and a great leader in many public health initiatives.”