FDL County Scam Spoofs We Energies

Eight people contacted the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday saying someone posing as a WE Energies representative had called and threatened to disconnect service if they didn’t pay over due utility bills right away. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says those people were suspicious of the caller and fortunately none fell for the scam. The caller gave them specific instructions on how to go about paying the bill with prepaid gift cards. Waldschmidt advises hanging up on the caller or checking your bill and actually calling the number on the bill for WE Energies to talk with someone about your account. Some callers left messages instructing the resident to call an 800 number back. It spoofs WE Energies. Wisconsin has a heating moratorium law that prohibits disconnection of your services during the winter months. (Fond du Lac County Sheriff photo).