FDL County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Norton Running For Sheriff

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Norton has always had a desire to run for Sheriff and with Sheriff Mick Fink retiring Norton has decided to throw his hat in the ring. Norton is a Fond du Lac native. After graduating from high school he was in the Navy for four years. Then he worked for the state’s Department of Corrections for five years at Waupun Correctional and then Taycheedah Correctional. He spent the next four years in the Sheriff’s Department’s Jail Division and in 1999 went to patrol where he works now. He feels he could be an effective Sheriff. He says, “Well I believe the role of the Sheriff is just to manage the office and all the personnel to the point of keeping it running smooth and being in the public eye learning from the residents of the County what they want what they need for law enforcement.” One of the big roles of the Sheriff is to run the jail. Norton says he was firm, but fair with inmates when he worked in the jail and occasionally runs into some of those same inmates when he is out working on the road. He says, “They weren’t going to get away with a lot of stuff and I was going to follow through on discipline if they needed it. They respect that and when I got out on the road even when they committed another crime and they met up with me I was the officer on the scene or something they were very cooperative.” Norton says he has 23 years experience of working in the trenches. He has a wife and a grown daughter and son. His son is following in his footsteps and works in the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Jail Division.