FDL County Sheriff’s Office Recruiting New Employees for Various Roles

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is looking for new people to fill in spots being left by a series of retirements and promotions throughout the department lately. Sergeant Nick Kahnke points out that there is a lot more to do than what people usually think of when considering law enforcement careers. 

Kahnke says “we’ve got a lot of opportunities outside of just working patrol. For example, I’m so fortunate to have been put on the dive team. Now, I was put on it about four years ago – but the department sends you to all of the training you have to go through.”

He adds that working in the jail is also an option, and “because we employ so many jail deputies, there’s a lot of turnover
there as well, so there’s always opportunities. They’re also recruiting with
us, so when we go and reach out to Fox
Valley Tech or Lakeshore Technical
, they’re bringing
a representative from the corrections side as well and they can speak about

Along with visiting local campuses to recruit, Kahnke says they have also created “a recruitment video that basically just shows what our
department has to offer. And again, fifteen, sixteen years ago you didn’t have
to sell yourself. But just like the military nowadays has to put out
recruitment videos and say why you should come be part of our team – we’re kind
of doing the same thing.”