FDL County to Challenge Offender Placement

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink is ready to challenge a Racine County judge’s decision to place a pair of violent sex offenders in the Town of Eldorado. A new law signed earlier this year prohibits offenders from being placed outside their native counties, but it’s unclear whether it applies to offenders cleared for release before it was signed. A Marinette County judge withdrew a similar decision just days before Racine County announced the plans. 

Sheriff Fink is not happy with how judges around the state are interpreting the laws. He tells us “my personal feeling is that judges are just going off the rails  when it comes to what the intent of the legislature was to keep these people in their own counties.”

Local authorities will take another look at the area where the offenders are set to be placed to make sure it’s an appropriate location for them.