FDL County Tourism Spending Growth Number One In The State

Fond du Lac County at 10.2 percent saw the biggest gain in direct visitor spending of all 72 counties in the state last year. Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett told KFIZ News that spending went from $120 million in 2014 to $132 million in 2015. She says Fond du Lac County has had double digit growth year-after-year. She says total business sales were also up in Fond du Lac County. She says that increased to $227.3 million or 7.7 percent in 2015. She says the County is hitting it out of the ball park when it comes to tourism efforts. She says tourism has what she calls a halo-effect on the County. She says when people visit the County and have a good time they are more apt to go to school in the County, start a business, buy a second home or retire in the County. Fond du Lac County also saw the number of full time jobs impacted by tourism grow by 3.1 percent last year to 2,574 jobs.  

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