FDL County Well Versed In The Cost Of State Funded Highway Project Delays

Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel says the county knows first hand state delays in highway projects can be more costly in the long run. He says the Highway 151 Bypass in Fond du Lac is a good example. He says it would have been much cheaper to do it right in the first place than waiting until now to put in an overpass at County Highway T and an interchange at County Highway V. He says now those projects cost millions more because construction costs keep going up. He says the Highway 23 expansion project is mired in a lawsuit, but wouldn’t have been if it hadn’t been delayed. Meanwhile state transportation funding for local projects isn’t enough. He says one township made a drastic decision about maintaining its roads because of lack of funding. He says the Town of Metomen says they have to let their roads go back to gravel because they can’t afford to blacktop. He says state legislators had to find a better way of funding transportation projects and stop funding cuts and delays.