FDL County Will Have To Contract Out Autopsies

Fond du Lac County’s Medical Examiner Office will not be conducting autopsies until at least late August. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Douglas Kelley is leaving for a position with Milwaukee County at the end of the month. Fond du Lac County Executive Al Buechel says Dr. Kelley earned a good reputation for the work he does. He says, “The Justice Department when they got involved with a murder situation they would always use Fond du Lac and also Doug is known for his ability to work on cases with children and he is considered the best in the state on that as well.” At one time Fond du Lac County had two pathologists, but one left. Buechel says the caseload got to be too much for one pathologist. He says, “There is a standard out there of about 250 per pathologist (per year). Doug alone was doing like 450 and so that’s way above, plus doing the administration the office, doing testimony in court, doing all the reports. All of that was far more than one person can handle period.” The County Board tonight will be asked to approve Daniel Krieser as the County’s Interim Medical Examiner. He will be able to do medical examiner duties, but won’t be able to perform autopsies. Buechel says they are recruiting a pathologist who is currently in the middle of a fellowship, but won’t be available until after August 23rd.