FDL Couple Charged With Child Abuse And Neglect Back In Court

The Fond du Lac couple facing child abuse and neglect charges is back in court for a preliminary hearing this afternoon. During the hearing it will be determined if there is probable cause the case against Jeana and Troy Riehl, who are both 46-years-old, proceed to trial. According to the criminal complaint Jeana Riehl’s abuse of two boys happened over a six year span. The complaint alleges she used a rolling pin, cutting board, horse whip, plastic and wooden spoons, and more recently a hunting arrow. One of the boys was also allegedly locked in a bathroom for several weeks only being allowed out for a meal. Troy Riehl is charged with being party to the neglect and abuse because he knew about it, but did nothing to prevent it. The hearing is before Fond du Lac County Judge Peter Grimm. 

Troy Riehl.