FDL Dogs In Parks Ordinance Could Be Expanded To Include All Parks

Those behind an effort to allow dogs in Fond du Lac parks will now be pushing for an expansion of an ordinance that allowed a one-year trial. This week the Advisory Park Board reviewed the pilot program that allowed dogs in about half of the City’s parks.  City Council member Catherine Block is also a member of that board. She says the one-year trial went well. Dogs have also been allowed at the Farmers Markets in downtown Fond du Lac on Saturdays without any problems. She understands the concerns people would have about dogs being around the children’s playground in Lakeside Park. The Advisory Park Board next month will look at ordinance changes that would allow dogs in all of the City’s parks. That would include Lakeside and Buttermilk Creek. Dogs would not be allowed in the parks during major festivals like Walleye Weekend and Taste of Fond du Lac. Dogs would also be prohibited around the petting zoo, deer enclosure, midway rides, and children’s play area in Lakeside Park.