FDL Fatal Shooting Investigation Continues

The Department of Justice Division of
Criminal Investigation Wednesday afternoon released more details connecting a
Michigan man killed in a shootout with a state trooper in Fond du Lac Tuesday
evening to a bank robbery and murder in Marinette County. Investigators say they
were able to confirm through video surveillance that Steven Timothy Snyder
committed the robbery at the State Bank of Florence in the Village of Wausaukee
Tuesday afternoon. Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve confirmed that
59-year-old Thomas Christ of Wausaukee was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon
after an encounter with Snyder near Christ’s property in the Town of Wausaukee.
Investigators say it has not been confirmed that Snyder was involved in any
other bank robberies. About 5:30 Tuesday afternoon in Fond du Lac State Trooper
Trevor Casper was following a vehicle matching the description of one used in
the Wausaukee bank robbery. During an encounter in Fond du Lac gunfire was
exchanged between Trooper Casper and Snyder fatally wounding both.

The state’s Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation has released more details about the investigation into the tragic death of State Trooper Trevor Casper during a shoot out with a bank robbery suspect. The 21-year-old trooper was following a vehicle matching the description of the one used in a bank robbery earlier in the day in Marinette County. During an encounter, gunfire was exchanged, fatally wounding both Trooper Casper and the suspect, Steven Timothy Snyder. DCI officials say notifications were made to Trooper Casper’s family in Wisconsin and Snyder’s family in Michigan. They go on to say they are investigating how crimes both in Marinette County and Fond du Lac Tuesday fit together.  Autopsies on Trooper Casper and Snyder are expected to be completed today and are expected to assist in determining what occurred during the confrontation.