FDL Fire And Rescue Completes Dementia Friendly Training

Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue was recognized Tuesday morning for becoming one of the first departments, agencies or businesses to complete training through Dementia Friendly Fond du Lac County. Cathy Loomans is with the task force that created the training. She presented decals for each of the three fire stations to Assistant Chief Todd Janquart. Loomans says there are 2,200 people in the County that suffer from a form of dementia and now Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue personnel are trained to deal with that population when they encounter them. She says with the training they will be able to triage whether a person has dementia or some other type of medical need they need to address. Janquart says their firefighters and paramedics deal with people who have dementia more frequently than you would think. He says the training prepares them to take care of these individuals and make those incidents go much smoother. Loomans says anyone who would like to know more about the training can visit the Dementia Friendly Fond du Lac website, their Facebook page or can call her at the Fond du Lac Senior Center at 322-3630.

KFIZ Facebook page video of decal presentation.