FDL Fire And Rescue Finds Out Today About Accreditation

It’s an important day for Fond du Lac Fire and
Rescue. A national jury in Atlanta will decide whether the department should be
nationally accredited. The department has been seeking that accreditation for
some time, which included a visit in June by officials to Fond du Lac. City
Manager Joe Moore told the City Council Wednesday night that the crucial
interview is today. He says only a handful of departments in the U.S. are
accredited.He says there are less than 200 civilian fire departments in the
United State that are accredited. 
Moore says the department had to meet a
number of different standards to get the accreditation. He says they had to meet
standards for response time, equipment, maintenance, staffing and so on. He says
the list is enormous.
City Council President Lee Ann
Lorrigan says the City is lucky to have such a good department.
Fire Chief Peter O’Leary and Assistant
Chiefs Steve Beer and Todd Janquart are in Atlanta, Georgia for today’s