FDL Fire and Rescue Helps in Dark Sky Exercise

Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary took part in Tuesday’s Dark Sky training session. He says his role was to make sure everything ran smoothly and to check that everyone was staying on task and doing what needed to get done. 

As for the department’s role during an actual mass-power outage, O’Leary says they have to be prepared because people are still going to need assistance. He says “what we have to do is we have to make sure we’re prepared for that. So, making sure we have backup generators in our fire stations. Making sure that we have our equipment fueled up, making sure that we as first responders are ready for battle and that we can sustain ourselves for a long period of time if we lost power.”

O’Leary says it’s important to keep all critical infrastructure – like fire stations, police departments, and hospitals – sustained and kept running so people can be taken care of properly in the case of an emergency.