FDL Fire Dept Finds New Home For Bees

Fond du Lac firefighters helped out an apartment manager at 14 Donahue Court Monday afternoon by moving bees that had swarmed onto a couple of branches in a tree next to the apartment building. Assistant Fire Chief Jim Knowles is one of five members of the department who are also bee keepers. He says they moved approximately 20,000 bees to a bee box and later he took it out to the bee keeping facilities he has outside of town. He says the bees adapt to their new surroundings pretty quickly. He says bees play an important role in our environment and the last thing they want to see is someone spraying honey bees or disposing of them. Knowles says they are one of the few fire departments with people trained to handle bee swarms. The department featured video on Facebook Live showing the bees being moved.

Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue Facebook video.