FDL Fire Dept Gets New Ambulance

The Fond du Lac Fire Department has a new ambulance fresh from the factory floor. Fire Department officials picked it up at Lifeline Emergency Vehicles in Sumner, Iowa Wednesday. Assistant Fire Chief Todd Janquart says it includes some features that previous ambulances don’t. He says that includes a backup camera and more structural rigidity to box portion where they treat and transport patients. There are also additional seat belt monitors and lighting. He says it’s important to have that extra metal in the box portion of the ambulance in the event of a rollover or a side impact from other traffic. The new ambulance will be housed at Station #3 where they’ve been putting on an addition. The new ambulance cost $226,000, but the City got $10,000 off to trade in an old ambulance. That old ambulance has already been sold to another city in southwestern Wisconsin. Fond du Lac Fire Department photos.