FDL Fire Lieutenant Shippee Honored For Retirement

It’s a bit ironic that a guy who spent 32 years and 3 months responding to fires, car accidents and rescue calls for the City of Fond du Lac was nervous about receiving a proclamation from the City Council honoring him on his retirement. Lieutenant Todd Shippee shared with Council President Karyn Merkel before he got the proclamation Wednesday night he was nervous and she said she was nervous about it too. Shippee told the gathering, which included a number of firefighters in the back of the room, that it was an honor to serve the City. Shippee said he has loved the job since being hired in 1985, and would have swam across Lake Michigan to get here. He also feels the spirit of cooperation to make the community safe is at its highest level ever and Fond du Lac is well prepared for any disaster that might come its way. He says that’s due to the support of the City Council, City staff, and the spirit of cooperation between the chiefs and all the firefighters. He also talked about how important the support of family is when they come off the job having seen some of life’s worst. Shippee says its their wives and family that pick them back up and put them back in the game.