FDL Fire & Rescue Hopes Residents Keep Safety in Mind this Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast, and officials
with Fond du lac Fire and Rescue are spreading the word about safety as people
begin to look forward to gatherings with family and friends.

Division Chief Troy Haase explains that safety measures
should be in place to protect people coming into your home – especially children
and pets. “Try to keep that three-foot zone away from cooking at the stove,
candles, heaters, anything that can cause a problem if it tips over or gets
something against it,” Haase said. “You just have to think a little bit
different if you’re having children over, if you’re having pets,” he said.

Haase also explains that just as you would practice with your family how to get
out of the house in case of a fire – your guests should also know two ways out
of the house in case of an emergency, and know where to meet if you have to

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