FDL Fire/Rescue names 2018 Award Winners

They do the work that so many of us don’t want to do, and don’t know how to do it. And without them in our community, life itself would be hard to navigate. They are members of the FDL Fire/Rescue, and the 2018 Awards were handed out recently, given to members for their exceptional effort, commitment and outstanding service to the department and community. Lieutenant Jerome Golla was named “Officer of the Year”; Firefighter Paramedic Matt Kissenger was chosen as the “Firefighter of the Year”; for their excellent “scene management, rescue and fire extinguishment” the Unit Citation/Commendation Award was presented to Jim Knowles, DC Troy Haase, Captain Garth Schumacher, Lieutenants Pete Dutkievic, Curt Smits, Ben Stephany, Engineers Paul Loderhose, Brian Munson, Luke Blitzke, Dwight Fisher and Firefighter/Paramedics Nick Czaja, Taylor Huenink, Adam King, Edgar Ramirez, John Rolfe, Sam Tennessen, Paul Wilson and Sean White with Unit Citations. The Award of Merit was awarded to Engineer Jake Vogds, Edgar Ramirez and Nick Fahrenkrug. The 2018 Excellence Awards were given to Engineer Jake Vogds, James Hoepfner and Engineer Mike Spencer. The FDL Fire/Rescue also invests a great deal of time and energy educating the local community on fire safety. Community Donations are a big part of being able to continue these local programs, and because of their on-going efforts, Manny and Doli Patel, owners of the Johnson St. Dairy Queen, were also presented with a 2018 Excellence Award.