FDL Fire & Rescue Offering Fire Safety Tips before Students go Back to College

It’s almost August, and that means the time for college
students to move back to campus is approaching fast. Before that time comes,
Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue is offering fire safety reminders for both
on-campus and off-campus housing. Division Chief Troy Haase says its important
to know where exits are and how many doors separate your room from your way
out. “Count the number of doors between you and the exit,” Haase said. “If your
exit is down the hall, you should count five doors or seven doors, whatever it
is, because when there’s smoke and fire and the smoke is only six inches off
the ground, you can’t tell where the exit is at – so you have to count.” Haase
says in addition to knowing where the exit is in relation to your room, it’s
also important to know two ways out of the building your in. For off-campus
housing, he says to make sure smoke alarms are installed in each room, and on
each level of the apartment or house and to make sure your kids know to get out
of the building any time the fire alarm sounds.

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