FDL Fire & Rescue Reminding Residents to be safe while Cooking the Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest days for cooking in
the year, and officials with Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue are encouraging people
to be safe and use common sense while preparing your meal this holiday.

Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase says if you
plan on deep frying your turkey at home this year, its important to make sure
the bird is completely thawed out and dried off before you put it in the oil.
Haase tells us you need to make sure you’re far enough away from your house or
garage when using the fryer, too. “We talk about grilling, anything – you need
to be 10 feet away from a structure,” Haase said. ”And don’t have It on a
wooden deck – you can put it out on your driveway because its concrete, but
stay away from anything that’s flammable.”

Haase encourages people who have questions or have never
deep fried a turkey before to look to YouTube or other instructional videos or
website to learn the proper way. The fire department also suggests seeking out restaurants or grocery stores that sell pre-made deep fried turkeys. 

Other concerns with cooking during the holidays include unattended
cooking leading to fires, and the possibility of children and pets being burned
in the kitchen.

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