FDL Fire & Rescue Stressing Danger of Illegal Fireworks after Recent Injury

Even though the Fourth of July has passed, recent cases of
people being injured because of fireworks have Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue again
reminding people that it is illegal to have fireworks that explode or leave the
ground in the city. On Monday night this week a man was injured near Lakeside
Park when reports say he lit an illegal firework which was supposed to shoot
off into the sky, but exploded on the ground. The man received burns and cuts
to several areas of his body, including his neck, face and hands. Division
Chief Troy Haase says once again, the rules are simple. “If you’re purchasing
fireworks that leave the ground or explode, for one – you’re breaking the law,”
Haase said. “Two, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy – and you’re facing a
fine if you get caught.”

Haase says some places might give you a permit to have the
fireworks, but in the City of Fond du Lac itself that permit is not valid. He
says any permits issued by a place outside of the city usually give specific
rules about where you can use the fireworks. “On that permit, it tells you
where you have to shoot them off,” Haase said. “They have some pre-arranged
place in the county where you can shoot them off. You cannot bring those
fireworks and go shoot them off at your house, it’s against the law.” Overall, Haase
says the big fireworks should be left to the professionals for everyone’s