FDL Fire Station Explosives Scare

The fire station parking lot on South Main Street in Fond du Lac was cordoned off Monday morning while officials dealt with fireworks in the trunk of a car. Division Chief Troy Haase says a Fond du Lac man stopped at the fire station after returning from helping clean out the home of a deceased person. The home was in Port Washington. The man wanted to safely dispose of what appeared to be fireworks. Haase says in addition to the fireworks there was accelerant and what looked like a detonator. They called the Brown-Outagamie County Bomb Squad and the parking lot where the man parked his car was cordoned off. But the bomb squad was delayed by a gravel truck that overturned on the highway they took. Haase says eventually someone from that department came and took the explosives away. The ordeal took nearly five hours to resolve.