FDL Firefighters Get Trained On New Air Packs

Fond du Lac firefighters will finish up their training today on the new air packs they received. After 15 years the Fire Department is replacing the air packs they have with 45 new air packs. Assistant Fire Chief Erick Gerritson says the air packs are probably the most important piece of equipment they have. He says it is their breathing source inside a smoke-filled environment. He says the new air packs are more ergonomically correct, fitting firefighters better. They also are lighter and can be better maneuvered in tighter spaces. He says they also are more tech savvy with blue tooth built into the mask that is connected to their radios and allows them to communicate more clearly. He says they also have a new feature called a quick change bottle, which allows them to change their oxygen supply in a minute, instead of five minutes like the old air packs. (Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue photo of sales representative showing new features of the air packs)