FDL Guard Members Sent To Florida

A Fond du Lac firefighter/paramedic and County Sheriff’s deputy were among the members of the Wisconsin National Guard deployed to Florida to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says Brett Hefty’s training should be an asset to those operations. (Hefty photo courtesy Facebook)

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says Deputy Thomas Van Buren is a new deputy who was in the middle of field training when he was deployed. Van Buren’s training will be picked up when he returns from Florida. He will be part of Sheriff’s Patrol Division. Originally 2,500 troops were sent, but the state’s Department of Military Affairs says that response will now be limited to the 650 troops that have already arrived in Florida.

(Van Buren photo courtesy Sheriff’s Department)