FDL Ham Radio Club Meeting Features NASA Speaker

The Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club will be holding their next meeting on Monday, March 9th at 7:00 PM at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac. This meeting will be held in room A112, which is the World Link room on the Fond du Lac Moraine Park campus.  The room is equipped with a very large projection screen which will be used for a “Skype” contact to NASA’s Glenn Research Center Telescience Support Center. Our guest speaker for the event will be Nancy Rabel Hall, a research scientist who works with the international Space Station. With TV camera in hand, Nancy will give us a tour of the Glenn Research Center’s Mission Control.


Nancy Rabel Hall is both a research scientist and project manager working in the ISS and Human Health Office at the NASA Glenn Research Center. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Space Sciences from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL in 1989 and a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo in Ohio in 2001. She is the project manager for several International Space Station (ISS) experiments that are studying the behavior of liquid crystals, two phase flow, flow boiling and condensation systems.  Nancy is also an avid Ham Radio operator. Her call sign is KC4IYD. She is also the President of the Glenn Amateur Radio Club NA8SA. She was also the past officer of the Young Ladies Radio League. Her experiments are flying aboard the Space Station.


NASA Glenn Research Center’s Telescience Support Center (TSC) allows researchers on Earth to operate experiments onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and the space shuttles. NASA’s continuing investment in the required software, systems, and networks provides distributed ISS ground operations that enable payload developers and scientists to monitor and control their experiments from the Glenn TSC.