FDL High School Fires

Fond du Lac firefighters were called to the Fond du Lac High School for a fire in a 1st floor boys’ bathroom Monday afternoon. School District Health and Safety Program Coordinator Marian Sheridan says the fire was reported by teachers who quickly put it out with water. She says per policy they notified the Fond du Lac Fire Department and the fire is under investigation. She says the bathroom wasn’t damaged and there was little damage to the waste can it was set in. Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says they got a call about a second fire shortly after that.  O’Leary says there is a lot of surveillance equipment at the school so they are hoping something was caught on camera. He says if not there’s always the chance that person might brag about it and get caught. Chief O’Leary says a small fire might seem insignificant, but that person might be testing the waters and if they aren’t caught it could lead to something bigger or tragic.