FDL Hosting World Ice & Snow Sailing Championships as part of Sturgeon Spectacular

Fond du Lac is hosting the World Ice and Snow Sailing
Championships this week as athletes from 10 countries have made their way to
the area to compete on Lake Winnebago. Destination Lake Winnebago Region
President Craig Molitor says the championships were last held in Fond du Lac in
2015 – and the athletes are excited to be back. “This event has been happening
for something like 40 years now, and they say 2015 is the best championship
they’ve ever had, because of the way Fond du Lac hosted the groups. We set the
bar really, really high in 2015 and we’re determined to jump higher than that
bar right now,” Molitor said.

The competition is taking place on Lake Winnebago about a
half-mile to a mile off shore from Roosevelt Park, and a boat launch near
Sunset on the Water Grill/Bar provides access to the lake and the competition
area. The championships are just one part of the Sturgeon Spectacular
celebration this weekend – and Molitor says Destination Lake Winnebago Region
will be providing a shuttle service between the downtown, Lakeside Park and
Roosevelt Park this weekend for people to check out all of the events around
town. Learn more about the championships and Sturgeon Spectacular here.