FDL HS Students Participate In WI Expo Trade Show

May 6th marked the 8th annual WI Expo Trade Show for the marketing and entrepreneurship students at Fond du Lac High School.  Students select and connect with a business so that they can effectively prepare and create a booth that will best represent that organization for the trade show. Business leaders from the local community then evaluate the students on booth design, professionalism, and company objectives.  From left to right are Brenda Bogdan of Kondex Corp., junior marketing student Jennifer Rivera, junior marketing student Keelin Pergande, and Diane Riley of Kondex Corp.  Rivera and Pergande were representing the Hasbro Brothers Corporation.  Other judges for the event included Mary Denzin from the FDL Association of Commerce, Sandie King from Sysco Foods, Jen Ganz and Brad Peck from Mercury Marine, Stephanie Murre and Katie VandeSlunt from MPTC.