FDL Humane Society Caring for Dog Found Abandoned in Home

Photo courtesy of FDL Humane Society’s Facebook Page

The Fond du Lac Humane Society is now in charge of caring
for a dog that was found abandoned inside a home in the city over the weekend.
Fond du Lac Police are investigating the incident – which call logs say was
first reported to officers just after 1 pm on Sunday afternoon. Reports say a
man who had stopped by to mow the lawn at the home on south Hickory Street
noticed a “skinny dog covered in feces” that was “jumping up in the window” and
was “looking very sick.” The Humane Society responded and removed the dog and a
cat from the home. In a Facebook Post, the Humane Society says they have been
feeding the dog “very small amounts” of food and water around the clock to try
and reverse the effects of what they say is “starvation, severe dehydration and
emaciation.” A suspect who may have left the dog behind has not been named.